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    Guiding Light Ministries Counseling Service offers on-line biblical counsel. This innovative technique for counseling is convenient and affordable. This service eliminates waiting rooms, traveling and taking time off from work. You receive counseling services right where you are through the internet on your timetable.

    In a world that is rapidly changing new issues are contributing to the stress of everyday life. At times it is difficult to understand what is the right choice with today’s complex issues. Seeking God’s truth is commendable and worthwhile. Distress will lessen when we take  comfort in the promises of God. Circumstances are destined to improve when personally applying the Word of God to any situation.

    Guiding Light Ministries offers prayer and biblical guidance through life’s challenging moments.

    Even if the issue you are facing seems small, if it is troubling to you it matters! Everything that affects you matters to God.

    Allow us to come beside you and lend a hand. Our hope is in Christ. We rely on His Spirit for wisdom and revelation. We pray in the name of Jesus and trust Him for healing and restoration.

  • Method of Counsel

    Guiding Light Ministries Counseling Services offers compassionate,  straightforward and practical guidance for the struggle you are facing. The counsel you will receive originates from the Word of God. The Word of God applied has great POWER. Biblical principles placed into action resolve conflicts, heal emotions and restores broken  relationships. Whatever opposition a person encounters the truth of God’s Word can set them free!!

  • H O P E


    No matter what you are facing there is HOPE!

    There is nothing you are facing that God is not aware of.  Jesus paid the price at the cross!! Victory has already been won!!!

  • F E E S


    The only requirement is a donation of any amount to

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  • On-Line Counsel Made Easy Right Where You Are On Your Timetable

    Guiding Light Ministries On-line Counseling Service provides compassionate Biblical Guidance. Receive counsel promptly at your own schedule from the privacy and convenience of e-mail. Typically, you will receive counsel the same day. There are no counseling fees or cost. The only requirement is a donation of any amount to Guiding Light Ministries.